Every Few Seconds

Haiku Horizons prompt “mist”

Welcome to week 189 of Haiku Horizons! This prompt for this week is “mist“. Haiku Horizons will provide a haiku prompt each Sunday. Write a haiku based on the prompt

I was out on some morning errands when the inspiration for this week’s Haiku Horizons prompt “mist” came to me.

Morning Mist

Every now and then
The wipers go back and forth.
It’s only a mist.

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What Are They Really Telling Us

This week Dutch Goes The Photo’s Tuesday Photo Challenge – Signs

When I looked for the inspiration for this week’s challenge, … When walking through the Oxbow National Wildlife Refuge with my good friend, George (an exceptional photographer and great architect), there were two trees in the middle of swampy, fern-filled woods, one of which indicated the direction of the trail; the only problem was that the indication pointed to a dry streambed… That gave me the idea for the theme of Signs.

The word Signs can have many meanings, ranging from the simple one that I have here to interstellar evidence of intelligent life! So, let your creative minds loose and follow the path that the signs give you to capture the your interpretation! Have fun with this one!!

Two signs I’ve seen in the recent past leave me baffled –

I saw this in a grocery chain, and started me wondering. Shouldn’t all food be even a little nutritional?

In one of the BORGs (Big Orange Retail Giant), seems like a $2 price hike to me.
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These Stones Rock

Dutch has a great challenge this week, Tuesday Photo Challenge – Stones

Welcome to Week 75 of the Tuesday Photo Challenge.

Many of you joined the dark side of the challenge last week with great entries that had creativity to spare! For the 75th installment of the Tuesday photo challenge, I noticed that it’s getting harder to come up with fresh, new themes. But fear not, looking through my image directory, one caught my eye pretty quickly and gave me the theme of Stones!

As always, go wild and let your creative light guide you along a path of stones, or you can use the figurative stones, or even those that gather no moss! Lots of directions to go, just be careful not to push one uphill like Sysiphus. Have some fun with the challenge and don’t let them stone you!

Stones in the snow

Three Stones in the snow

Stones in the Snow

Thomas Viaduct

built between July 4, 1833, and July 4, 1835

built between July 4, 1833, and July 4, 1835, it still carries the mainline of the CSX

Stones in Iceland

Stone at Skalholt Iceland

There was a Geocache here

Stones in the river

In the Potapsco River

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Who Needs Shade

Haiku Horizons challenges us this week with SHADE

Haiku Horizons prompt “shade”

Welcome to week 185 of Haiku Horizons! This prompt for this week is “shade“. Haiku Horizons will provide a haiku prompt each Sunday. Write a haiku based on the prompt

Red Sliders


Sitting on a log,
Staying out of the water.
We don’t need no shade.

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Get Out And Enjoy It

Nancy Merrill photography’s A Photo a Week Challenge: challenge this week is Recreation

My husband has recently taken up fly fishing. He’s always loved regular casting fishing, but he has always wanted to try fly fishing. Last weekend, we headed up to the High Unita Mountains and the Upper Provo River for him to get in some practice and try out some new flies a friend had made for him. This amazing world we live in and on has so many places for fun recreation and play. This week, get your fun on and share what you enjoy doing to relax or get the adrenaline pumping.


While I don’t have any experience with Fly Fishing, I do have some other activities that count as Recreation.

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Alone, but …

Alone … or Lonely

Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille, September 6th 2017 loneliness

Dear friends of MLMM,

Welcome at a new episode of Heeding Haiku With … the prompt that shifts bi-weekly between haibun and haiku. Last week we had haibun, a special one … One-bun. And your responses were very nice.

This week it’s time for haiku … Recently I had a period in which I felt alone and lost. So I have a “sad” prompt for you to deal with this week, “loneliness”, but “loneliness” doesn’t have to be sad or full of tears. Loneliness can also be very uplifting, for example it’s a real joy to meditate without someone around you or in the middle of nature.

So the challenge for this week: Create two haiku on loneliness, one with the “sad” (negative) or the “joyful” (positive) meaning of loneliness.

My interpretation on loneliness has little to do with being alone. It is a feeling. But I have three Haiku that deals with being alone, as well as being lonely.

I’m sitting alone
letting my mind quiet down.
I am not lonely

I am not lonely.
Sitting and meditating,
alone and quiet.

Alone in a crowd,
people pass without seeing.
Now I am lonely.
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Let Them Eat Brioche

Some like cake, Some like Pie

Haiku Horizons prompt “cake”

Welcome to week 184 of Haiku Horizons! This prompt for this week is “cake“. Haiku Horizons will provide a haiku prompt each Sunday. Write a haiku based on the prompt

One layer below
Then comes Icing in between
One layer above

There are eight layers
Smith Island Cakes are scrumptious
Known around the world

Lit candles on top
The children singing with joy
A birthday party
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Doors: One Year Later

Norm 2.0 is taking a well earned vacation for a while, but his “Thursday Doors” challenge continues on, but with a Guest-Norm.

Thursday Doors is a weekly feature allowing door lovers to come together to admire and share their favorite door photos from around the world. Feel free to join in on the fun by creating your own Thursday Doors post each week …

Yeah, I’m still Joey, not Norm, but I get to be a sorta Guest-Norm for #ThursdayDoors this week.I’m delighted to be your guest host! Let’s look at some doors!
Want to join in on the fun and share your own Thursday Doors post with other door lovers?
(she describes herself: Neurotic Bitch, Mother, Wife, Writer, Word Whore, Foodie and General Go-To-Girl)

First a bit of preamble to this post, Back in October, 2016 this was the start of my blog entry.

The night of July 30th, 2016 changed Ellicott City. A major storm settled just west of the town and dumped 6″ of water in a couple of hours. Present day development left nowhere for the water to go, but down the Tiber River. As the rain continued the stream became a torrent. Since the town is built in the valley with hills on both sides of Main Street and the Tiber River, when the water overflowed the banks the only place for it to go was down Main Street, in spots reaching depths of over 6′. And to add the troubles, many of the buildings were built over the stream. The rushing water that ran under the buildings wasn’t gentle on them either. Most of the buildings on the stream side of Main Street have serious damage to the foundations.

It’s been over a year and Ellicott City has made quite a come-back. Not every business has returned but most are now open for business. There is no particular order for these photos as I walked down Main St. with my camera.

The cause of the previous damage, the Tiber River, now little more than a trickle.

the Black Eyed Susan is the Maryland state flower.

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Color or Monochrome

Paula Borkovic, in her blog LOST IN TRANSLATION issues this challenge.

Regular visitors to my blog know that once a month on a Sunday I post a combined photo challenge theme for Black&White Sunday. It is called AFTER and BEFORE and it invites you to post the same image both in black and white and in colour. The topic and subject are entirely arbitrary. The only condition is that you post an image captured in colour and that you turn it monochrome in post processing. I enjoy this little exercise which permits me to see the same scene through colour and without it, and I hope that you will enjoy doing the same.

That’s quite a challenge. I had no preconceived idea of which photo to use, so I picked a day of shooting at random from my archives, and came up with these three photos I thought were worth working on. I hope you enjoy them, both in color as well as monochrome.

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Tangier Island

This week’s OWPC (One Word Photo Challenge) word is ISLAND

Luckily I spent last weekend on Tangier Island, spending two days devoted to kayaking, and one day just for taking some photos while taking a walk over the whole island, two landmasses with a ‘canal’ between. The whole walk is about 4 miles, though there are a few 8 passenger golf cart type vehicles that take passengers for a tour – about 15 minutes long. See on map on Tangier.

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