The Bear Went Over The Mountain

Andrew and I had been been planning this backpacking hike for a couple months, not an extended one, just a weekend hike. We’d drop a car at the end, then drive to where we’d start on a Friday afternoon. While we explored the map on Google Maps, and satellite view we saw that the route was a bit horseshoe shape, circumnavigating a valley between to mountains. The satellite view didn’t have the usual ‘fallen tree’ look for the valley, but more like a green cloud hovered in the depression. Ok, we’d follow the white blazed trail for a two day hike.

By midday on Saturday we were still feeling great, shopped for a bite of lunch. Then as we reached a trail, actually more of a “deer path”, Andy pulled out his map and suggested we stop for a breather. The path seemed to lead to a pass in the nearby hill, and he suggested we take a look. “Only a mile to the top. We can take a look over the top, see what Google’s green cloud is all about. We’ll still have plenty of day light before we reach Monster Shelter for the night.”

“Sure,” I agree, ‘A mile up, a mile back won’t put us behind.”

3-spf-03-saschadarlington-12-february-2017And so we made the turn, feeling like the Bear that went over the mountain to see when it could see. And we did see what we could see. We still don’t know what we saw, and can’t explain it, almost like a Theme Park.

Baffled, we decided not to tell anyone, keeping the secret to ourselves.

Sunday Photo Fiction – February 12th 2017 is a flash fiction writing challenge, not to challenge writer against writer, but just to see if we can come up with a short story, about 250 words, based loosely around a supplied picture.
This week’s photo is courtesy of SASCHA DARLINGTON

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Man, That Glass is HOT!

Cee issued quite a challenge this week Black & White Photo Challenge: Glass

This week the topic is Glass: Anything from a small jar to a windshield. I want to see anything that is made out of glass this week. Have a lot of fun and be creative with this topic. I am eager to see what everyone comes up with regarding this topic. I just want you to have some fun with your photography

I apologize for being a just a little off-topic, but I’m including the color renditions so you can get a pit of perspective and see what the photos are about.


The Glory-Hole
One of the processes when blowing glass is to re-heat the piece being worked on. This small furnace is not quite as hot as the Crucible but hot enough to soften the glass during the blowing.


The glass on the work stand
It’s really hot

And now in living color.


That red is red-hot, the clear glass isn’t much cooler and it’s still flexible.

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Any Day Now

Sarah looked out the window, “Yup it’s still there.”

Sure enough when I looked, the chair was still was still sitting on the pond. Any day now the pond would melt and drop the chair in. It was getting close to the date I’d picked for the melt.

See, a bunch of us that hang around the volunteer fire-house have this pool. A dollar a day on the calendar and the person who picks the day the chair drops wins half the pool, the other half goes to help stock the kitchen.

It’s not much, but this year the firehouse cook is hoping to get a new griddle, all the volunteers like the pancakes Charlie makes on Sunday mornings.

Friday Fictioneers is a weekly 100 word writing challenge inspired by a picture prompt.
This week’s photo is by © Ted Strutz

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Swim With The Fish

3-mlmm-air-alone-boy-dark-favim-com-2319557“Mommie, I know what I want to be when I get bit!” Billy said as he ran into the kitchen.

“Yes, what’s that.”

” I want to be the person in the carium that plays with the big fish. Like we saw yesterday.”

“Ahh, I see,” mom replied, “Yow mean the Aquarium. You’re thinking of the trainer that was working with the porpoises, right?”

“Yeah mom, remember the girl that looked out the window and waved at us, just before the fish came by and stuck its nose on the window too!” Billy exclaimed. “That’s what I want to do when I get big. Can I mommie?”

“Sure, honey. But for now you’ve got to have breakfast. I made some yummy oatmeal, with raisins just like you like it.” mom said as he filled his bowl.

One more entry for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Photo Challenge #151 this week.
Today’s photo is from

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The Rusty Truck

“Hay Dad!!”, came from the back seat, “Let’s go back and look at that big red truck, it’s neat!”

And so began a short adventure. Half a mile down the road I finally found a driveway to turn around in. I hadn’t really noticed the truck that Jimmy was talking about, but I trusted his observations.

3-5-daisy_may2-cp-1320When we got back to ‘the truck’ I saw why he was interested, kinda old, originally painted red. With the new flag, and the rust and broken door handle it had “Character”.

“Dad, is that the truck we saw in the 4th of July Parade?”

“Don’t think so, we’re a long way from home, but I bet it was in a parade near here,” I replied. “It looks old, but I bet it runs like a top.”

What is FFfAW Read more here? A prompt photo will be provided each Tuesday to be used as a base to your story. Please include photo prompt with your story. The story word limit is 100 – 150 words (+ – 25 words). Please try and stay within this limit.

When I volunteered my photo I had not even thought of a story to go with it, This was a bit of work. See more of my photos.

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Bottles, Bottles, Bottles galore!

It was a few months since Josh passed away and it was time to try disposing of some of his stuff, as his daughter called it. She still wasn’t in the mode for that job, so she delegated it to her two kids, Molly and Gene.

The project was progressing at a slow pace till they dig into a corner and found a case filled with old bottles. At first Molly was set to send them to the local glass recycle bin, but when Gene took a look, his eyes lit up.

“Take a good look, do you know what we have here”, he asked Molly.

“Just a bunch of old bottles.” she replied.

“Take a good look. These are glass bottles, maybe not antique, but you can’t get soda in bottles like this any more.”

When Molly looked closer, she agreed. “Look at this coke bottle, it even has the name of a city in the bottom. I wonder how long ago this one was made?”

“I don’t know, probably back long before we were born. Look over here, grandpa-Josh even had a wooden bottle case. Even if these bottles aren’t antiques I bet someone might be interested.” Gene said.

Molly volunteered, “Tomorrow I’m looking on eBay, then Craigslist!”

Each week a photo is donated by one of the participants of Sunday Photo Fiction, and the idea is to write a story with the photo to get started.
This week’s photo is © J Hardy Carroll

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The Photographer

Until she uploaded her day’s photos onto the computer, she never noticed the shadow in each of them. That was many years ago, after her uncle gave her a camera for her sixteenth birthday. It was her first camera.
Now after forty years experience Jeannie has become a world-renowned nature photographer. When she isn’t heading workshops all over the country she might be found hiking off-trail most anywhere carrying her camera and occasionally bringing a tripod along.

3-dsc_1739She notices some white blooms off to her left, thank goodness she was wearing waterproof hiking boots, and waded through some puddles. Not really a rare find, but not common too, she’d found some Dutchman’s Breeches. She stopped and gave thinks to her uncle for getting her interested in photography, he was truly a Dutch Uncle and during warm weather he’d often wear shorts that looked just like these small wildflowers.

It’s Finish off Fridays (FoF) time again . “provide the picture and the opening sentence, you write an additional 100 to 150 words to complete the story.”
The prompt Photo is (c) Lorraine
The photo of the Breeches is (cc) Mike Vore

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Sacred Music

At the Shrine of St. Anthony. Franciscan Friary in Ellicott City, Md.





The organ in Hallgrímskirkja in city of Reykjavik Iceland



The organ in the cathedral in Skálholt, Iceland


Cee’s Photography regularly challenges us. This week Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge is Music. Digging through the archives and getting out for some new photos, I came up with this set, all in Churches.

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I Need Inspiration

3-ff-02-01-roger-bultot-flowerTrue to the forecast, it was cold this morning. I was out of bed, showered and dressed in a hurry. A brisk walk to the office with a stop at the doughnut shop seemed in order, followed by climbing 6 floors instead of taking the elevator would work of the calories.

First thing in the office was to turn on the coffee pot and boot-up the computer. With my first cup of java for the day, and the doughnut half eaten I took time to look out the window, snow still on the ledges, ice in the alley. Then I looked to see the writing challenge for the day – I need some inspiration.

Friday Fictioneers: The Challenge Write a complete story in 100 words or less. Beginning Middle and End.
Today’s photo prompt is from Roger Bultot, thanks Roger.

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Snow! Where?

3-mlmm-01-30-16194928_1819202321662727_695383069251855105_nThere was a time when an AM car radio was a joy to listen to. Especially for geeks. Was the word ‘geek’ invented then?

Well, I spent my miss-spent youth DXing the broadcast band, listening late at night trying to see how far away I could pick up station. I remember the night I picked up mom and friends from an evening of bowling. I’d been listening to a local elevator-music station, daytime only. But on the same frequency of a station only 350 miles distant – in Toronto Canada.

The weather at home was in the 50’s, but when the forecast on the radio said there would be major snow in ‘The Bay Area’ mom and her friends were horrified. I had to explain that the Bay mentioned on the forecast was Hudson Bay Canada, not the Chesapeake Bay.

Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Photo Challenge #150 for this week.
Thanks NEKNEERAJ for the photo.

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