Looking for a Pint of Bitters

Our wives had a name for the three of us from the office, “The Jolly Boys”. When we were not Geocaching, we might be seen out sailing. The Irish Sea gave us many hours of enjoyment. A couple of times when the wind was brisk enough we did make it all the way to the Ramsey on the Isle of Man. That made for a long weekend. But this weekend was different.

We were out for a short sail, by the time we went out through the Lock at the Whitehaven Marina it was about noon, and back in the late afternoon. When we finished mooring and cleaned up the boat, making it “Ship Shape”, we were ready for a pint. But a quick geocache find first. We easily found Lime Tongue, The Lime Tongue was the third of the extensions in the harbour built in 1754. It is believed that the name comes not from the trade with lime fruits, but refers to the lime used in the production of cement. We walked out to the Crows Nest where we found some seats to rest on while we searched for the easy cache.

Once this completed we headed back to W Stand Street where we found a bicycle “parking park”. No ale here so we turned right, Across from the Old Customs House someone was launching a sloop for a sail tomorrow. Half a block ahead we found our target. Two establishments to get some refreshments, Harbourside Bar/Cafe promising “Good Food and Drink Served All Day” and Waterfront Bar and Dining. That’s where we headed for a refreshing pint, or two, of Bitters and something to eat.

Sailing brings on a hearty appetite. To accompany my pint I ordered the Shredded duck, stir fried veggie with hot sin sauce. While the others ordered Spicy fajita with guacamole, sour cream and tomato relish wrap.

For Sunday Photo Fiction July-5th-2015

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I know I’m a hottie. 


I’ve seen many dog walkers that don’t bring water for their dogs. When I’m out on my bicycle I almost always carry two water-bottles, one for me one for the dogs. Dogs remember me, I make instant friends.

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I cannot deal. I’m not made for this heat. My glorious curls are not made for this heat.

Here are some ways to keep your puppies (wink wink, nudge nudge) cool in this weather.

1. Get a bangin’ haircut. The lackeys have not done this and I do not look good. Yes, your dogs hair will also droop in the heat/humidity and yes, it will FELT if they keep getting wet. Ew.

2. All the water. All the water everywhere. I demand bowls around the house – I can’t be expected to traipse around the house like a common human. Also, any dog worth it’s weight in curls, will have a garden water feature such as a pond on their land. The lackeys have not provided one for me, (I’m currently going through the complaints procedure), but Grandma does, so I require frequent visits.

3. A fan. Oh…

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Who do we celebrate next?

Today’s “The Daily Prompt” brought up a thought provoking question.

Many countries celebrate Father’s Day and Mother’s Day. If you could dedicate a holiday to a more distant relative, who would it be — and why

There have been many answers; brothers/sister, Aunt/Uncle, cousin. My first thought came to a close member of the family. At times (s)he isn't thought of as a relative, but none the less a real member of the family.



Yes the family pet. As a constant companion it is always there, sometimes more loving than the ‘people’ of the family. They are always there, even in your saddest moments, they are at your side to bolster your spirit. They deserve their own day, actually many days.

As a side note, my mom once agreed with me when I told her’ “Everyday should be Mother’s Day”.

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Portals to the other side


I found this door along a country road, in Carroll County. Maryland (USA). I don’t think that anyone will be entering or leaving soon.


Then there is this Garage door with an “Eyebrow” in Gratitude, Maryland.


Finally this old door with the warning


This is on the “Psychopathic Building – 1914” at an semi-abandoned local State Hospital. Looking closely you can read “LiL BL” carved into the door but no other graffiti is visible.

For July 3rd Photo Challenge DOOR

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Watch those wings

Today was just like most other days, warm with hardly a breeze blowing. My daily habit was to cruise up 16th Street in DC. My usual was to start about Newton St where 16th starts to head downhill to “Tiger Bridge”. You see I’m a pigeon, some call me a ‘winged rat’.

Today’s flight was a bit different. I would normally glide down as the traffic light at Newton turned green and glide just a yard or two above the front of a car. As the cars accelerate they form a wave of air over their hood. Some of the larger cars and buses have quite a “Bow Wave”, not unlike the wake made by any ship in the water.

But today I was going to get into trouble. Here I was doing about 25mph at an altitude of about a yard above a car when I looked down and saw angle wings. Ok, this is a Rolls with a rather blunt front end, it makes a huge ‘bow wave’. Those cars with great streamlining are not good to soar over. The next thing I knew I was almost scraping my beak off the paving. The driver of the Rolls had hit the brakes, killing the lift I was soaring in. As I flapped to gain altitude I looked back. The darned driver was laughing. Obviously he knew a bit about flying a glider and what would happen when my source of lift was cut off.

for Sunday Photo Fiction – June 28th 2015

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The Magic Ingredent

The Challenge

by Ben Huberman

What’s the one item in your kitchen you can’t possibly cook without? A spice, your grandma’s measuring cup, instant ramen — what’s your magic ingredient, and why?

I hadn’t thought much about it since it’s been hiding in a cabinet for a couple of decades, till I heard an interview on The Splendid Table podcast a few months ago. That episode got me thinking and searching. Now I use it almost exclusively. When I say it, I really mean them. I have two but normally only use the larger sister, letting the little kid brother wait for special times.

“What is it you ask?

6" Wagner 10" Grizwald and Wagner lid

6″ Wagner 10″ Grizwald and Wagner lid

Yes Cast Iron Skillets. After I listened to the podcast I dug into the cabinets and found the 10″ skillet and searched YouTube for some guidance on seasoning it. I watch a few and found them are quite similar. Thoroughly clean the skillet then coat with Crisco and bake in a hot oven for a few hours. Let it cool the repeat a few more times. After seasoning the large one I remembered that I had a small one. I dug the kitchen cabinets again, and found it. I repeated the seasoning process on the smaller. Now about once every 2 or 3 weeks, if the oven is hot I will wipe the pan with a light coating of Crisco and bake it at 400°F for about 2 hours. The next morning I’ll take it out of the oven and wipe it clean, ready to use once more.


Now that I have two seasoned frying pans I hardly even think of using a “non-stick” pan, except for a “ceramic” coated pan which I reserve for cooking eggs. Yes I do rinse with soapy water, and occasionally need to use a scrubby to loosen some slightly stuck food.

I do cook some scrambled eggs in the smaller pan, but I find it’s a bit small for any serious cooking, even for one person.

The lid, yes I found that I still had the “Wagner Drip Drop” lid, also Cast Iron. The underside is ribbed so any condensation will drip back into the pan and baste food. So for much of the cooking I find that medium-low (4 out of 8) on my gas range is ideal. Cast Iron is not a great conductor of heat, so hot spots do occur but if it centered over the burner the heat is well distributed, or adjust the position so that the items that need more heat are over the heat, while the rest is simmering in the same pan. The results of this is that I have only one pan to clean up, and the entire dinner is ready at one time.

Where’d They Come From?

There are no date marked, indicating that they were made before 1960. I remember my Mom cooking with the large one and the lid. The smaller one I don’t remember at all. They may have come to Mom from my Grandmother.

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