The Horse Came Back Alone

The Horse Was Not Alone

The horse came back alone, just the way he had many times. It all started years ago when my daily commute took me over a reservoir then uphill past a farm with rolling hills. Many times when I made my daily morning and even commutes there would be a lone horse standing in the corner watching me go by.

Strange as it may seem, If I was early he might not be there. If I was just a couple of minutes early he would be coming across the field towards the corner, almost a quarter of a mile. It was if he was coming to see me go by. So more than once I stopped my old classic British Sports-Car, a green Triumph TR3, and talked to the horse. We became friends. I thought he was an old horse and felt sorry for him, he had old-looking hair – sort of Salt and Pepper and looked like he was just waiting for the ‘glue-factory’.

But every day The Horse Came Back Alone. This happened for a few years, then just before I changed my job he wasn’t there for a couple of weeks. Thinking the worse had happened to him I was surprised when one afternoon he was standing at his usual spot. But he was not alone.

This time he was joined by one smaller horse. Between them, a small colt. And I really felt that there was a huge proud smile on his face, “This is my family!”

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Lots Of Locks

A Trio Of Locks

This week’s the One Word Photo Challenge one word was LOCK. A search through the archives brought out three that fit the challenge, all different.

One of the Locks on the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, in Brunswick, Md.

A window lock in the kitchen of a BnB I stayed at this summer

This gate needed a lock

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Which Way

Nancy Merrill Photography wants a direction this week.

Sorry about the late posting for this week’s challenge. I’ve been celebrating Thanksgiving with my family. If you celebrated today, I hope you enjoyed the holiday.

This week’s challenge is about directions. There are many ways to capture directions in photos. … Street signs, traffic signs, weather vanes, and compasses help provide direction. We can also receive direction from a teacher or spiritual leader. We may seek guidance from nature or scripture or our own inner instinct.

Wind direction is critical to some people; sailors and pilots.

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It’s Falling

Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille, October 25th, 2017 raindrops

It’s my pleasure to create a new Heeding Haiku With … for you. Recently I “changed” the idea to create haibun or haiku bi-weekly into a symbiosis between haibun and haiku, Symbiosis of two wonderful forms of Japanese poetry and I like that idea. I see how you all have embraced this new way of Heeding Haiku With … and I hope this “change” will be succesful.

Today I have a nice haiku by one of our classical haiku poets to inspire you to create a haibun or a haiku. This week I have chosen for a haiku by Issa:

kusa no ha [ya] ame ni magirenu aki no tsuyu

blades of grass–
lost among the raindrops
autumn dew


Raindrops keep falling,
The day’s going to be damp.
Puddles all around.

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It Takes Skill

Haiku Horizons prompt “castle”

Welcome to week 191 of Haiku Horizons! This prompt for this week is “castle“. Haiku Horizons will provide a haiku prompt each Sunday. Write a haiku based on the prompt


A pile of stones
With the skill of a craftsman
Becomes a castle.

On The Chessboard

I am a castle
I keep the game exciting
I’m one of two rooks.

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A Bug’s In There

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Bird

Welcome to Week 79 of the Tuesday Photo Challenge.

It’s good to be (almost) caught up with everything and that I had the time to enjoy your entries for last week’s theme of Sand; they were a pleasure to read!

As I was looking through some of my images to come up with an idea for this week, I came across one that made me chuckle, so I jumped on it! In this rather simple image, the seagull stands proud with that kind of look that seagulls seem to have perfected over the years. Therefore, I’m throwing you the theme of Bird!

That doesn’t mean that you have to go find the most exotic bird in the world to get a great image; you could find those everyday birds that are often a nuisance in the park and put them in the spotlight, or you could focus on what many birds do well: fly like a bird! I’m sure that your fertile minds will come up with some rather interesting images!!

I was taking a hike with a friend one day, helping him place a new geocache when he saw a woodpecker fly by. Spotting it with my D-7000 I realized it was a Pileated Woodpecker. yes it looks like Woody Woodpecker, very distinctive.

Returning from Smith Island, Md. we passed these three birds. Two of them are Cormorants, the third is a Brown Pelican.

And a Juvenile Black Crowned Night Heron.

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Autumn Leaves

Haiku Horizons prompt “leaf”

Welcome to week 190 of Haiku Horizons! This prompt for this week is “leaf“. Haiku Horizons will provide a haiku prompt each Sunday. Write a haiku based on the prompt

Falling Leaves

Green, Red, yellow. Brown.
Come the autumn winds blowing
Leaves fluttering down

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Every Few Seconds

Haiku Horizons prompt “mist”

Welcome to week 189 of Haiku Horizons! This prompt for this week is “mist“. Haiku Horizons will provide a haiku prompt each Sunday. Write a haiku based on the prompt

I was out on some morning errands when the inspiration for this week’s Haiku Horizons prompt “mist” came to me.

Morning Mist

Every now and then
The wipers go back and forth.
It’s only a mist.

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What Are They Really Telling Us

This week Dutch Goes The Photo’s Tuesday Photo Challenge – Signs

When I looked for the inspiration for this week’s challenge, … When walking through the Oxbow National Wildlife Refuge with my good friend, George (an exceptional photographer and great architect), there were two trees in the middle of swampy, fern-filled woods, one of which indicated the direction of the trail; the only problem was that the indication pointed to a dry streambed… That gave me the idea for the theme of Signs.

The word Signs can have many meanings, ranging from the simple one that I have here to interstellar evidence of intelligent life! So, let your creative minds loose and follow the path that the signs give you to capture the your interpretation! Have fun with this one!!

Two signs I’ve seen in the recent past leave me baffled –

I saw this in a grocery chain, and started me wondering. Shouldn’t all food be even a little nutritional?

In one of the BORGs (Big Orange Retail Giant), seems like a $2 price hike to me.
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These Stones Rock

Dutch has a great challenge this week, Tuesday Photo Challenge – Stones

Welcome to Week 75 of the Tuesday Photo Challenge.

Many of you joined the dark side of the challenge last week with great entries that had creativity to spare! For the 75th installment of the Tuesday photo challenge, I noticed that it’s getting harder to come up with fresh, new themes. But fear not, looking through my image directory, one caught my eye pretty quickly and gave me the theme of Stones!

As always, go wild and let your creative light guide you along a path of stones, or you can use the figurative stones, or even those that gather no moss! Lots of directions to go, just be careful not to push one uphill like Sysiphus. Have some fun with the challenge and don’t let them stone you!

Stones in the snow

Three Stones in the snow

Stones in the Snow

Thomas Viaduct

built between July 4, 1833, and July 4, 1835

built between July 4, 1833, and July 4, 1835, it still carries the mainline of the CSX

Stones in Iceland

Stone at Skalholt Iceland

There was a Geocache here

Stones in the river

In the Potapsco River

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