Don’t Go There!

You want to see Borders and Limits, we got ’em both.


About a mile down the tracks from the Strasburg Steam Railroad Station the tracks cross Paradise Lane. All around the intersection lie picturesque Amish farm. In the midst of the scnery lies the Red Caboose Motel, Ronks, Pa.

for The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Boundaries Oct. 2, 2015

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Stern, Cee’s B&W challenge: Back on Things

Cee’s challenge this week is “Back of things”, well the back end of a boat is also known as the STERN, from “the after part of a vessel (often opposed to stem).” So a couple shots of vessels I’ve spotted while kayaking occasionally sure fit the title.


The “Mary Stewart” is an old Skipjack afloat on the South River in Edgewood, Md. Paddling past it I could see that it is in fair condition. The rudder, though, does need more repair work.


Further upstream the workboat “Aladin” is run ashore and is waiting for nature to reclaim it.

for Cee’s Black & White Challenge Back of Things – Oct. 1, 2015

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A Photo a Week Challenge: Wood – old White Oak

Ths week’s challenge by Nancy Merrill photography is WOOD. Many choices abound, but my first idea was of a freshly cut White Oak tree. If you’ve ever been close to fresh White Oak, you will recognize the distinctive aroma – or should I say ‘stink’. It’s not really a pleasant smell. But to be fair most woods have a distinctive aroma.

The ring count on this tree indicates it was about 100 years old. How old was this tree? The heartwood is beginning to decay, but I can count somewhere like 100 rings, at one ring per year this tree started life sometime around the early 1900’s, It had to be cut, the root system weakened during a spell of heavy rain and was listing at about 45 degrees. If it fell it could have landed on a well used path.


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Down the drain

Every now and then good photos come from unexpected angles. Today’s entry for The Daily Post: Grid came to me while on a walk one afternoon Yes it is a humble storm drain, a good one that won’t catch a bicyclist’s wheel.


for The Daily Post: Grid weekly challenge.

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Monthly Bench Challenge – Metal Bench


Another photo challenge, this one for Small Blue Green Words monthly bench series September’s theme is Metal Benches.

This one is at one of the outdoor mediation areas at the Shrine of St Anthony, Ellicott City, Md.


The plaque under the statue.

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The Bridge is nearby

This week’s Photo Challenge is Connected. Sure Bridges connect one shore, community, or even Country to the other so I decided to look for something different. Ok, I will include one bridge photo.

The bow line connects the boat to shore. Some of you may say that it is a rope, but in nautical terms ropes are named by their use: ‘lines’, ‘sheet’, ‘halyards’. There are some exceptions:

There are some ropes: A few examples, the bell rope (to ring the bell), a bolt rope (attached to the edge of a sail for extra strength), a foot rope (on old square riggers for the sailors to stand on while reefing or furling the sails), and a tiller rope (to temporarily hold the tiller and keep the boat on course)

from – Basic Seamaship

Sometimes people connect and show affection by holding hands. Here are two boats ‘rafted’ side-by-side, not quite holding hands, but sort of.

How does one connect a sail to the mast? Old sailing ships used wooden hoops. Here is the mast on the Hilda M. Willing a Chesapeake Bay skipjack. Built in 1905 at Oriole, Maryland she is a relatively small skipjack.

These are just some of the scenes at Tilghman Island, Md. The bridge from the “mainland” to the island is one of the busiest. I’ve left the bridge photo for the last. In the thirty minutes I spent nearby it opened for passing boat traffic about 5 times. Some estimates are that it opens over 10,000 times a year.

5-bridge_6845 Luckily the island is small without lots of traffic.

For “The Daily Post photo challenge” Sept 05, 2015

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