Kayak for Cache

I wish it was kayak for ca$h, but not yet. After my Resurection Bay tour a couple days ago my kayaking this week seems a bit tame by comparison. A local cacher placed a multi-cache based in two local lakes about 3 weeks ago. Coming back from my Alaska trip it had still not been found. So when the weather turned good twice this week I loaded the boat and headed out. So as to not give out any spoilers, I won’t tell the cache name, and I won’t leak any clews.

I felt like paddling on Tuesday and the first stage was about 6 miles from home so when the weather didn’t match the forecast I headed for the first stage, an easy 1.5 mile paddle on Rocky Gorge, but when I arrived at the coordinates I was in the middle of a wide expanse of water. But looking around I was able to find the hints that fit the clew. I entered new the coordinates into the GPS, and realized that this was a two trip cache. The second stage was some distance away and not even in the same lake.

I had been in email contact with two other cachers interested in finding this cache and possibly a three person FirstToFind team. When I talked with them at a Meet & Greet on  Wednesday. They cheered me on, and said go for the FTF without them. The forecast the next day was not good, but all morning the clouds thinned and by noon the sun broke out. Well, housework be dammed, I loaded the boat again. The drive to the other lake took about half an hour (no name, no spoiler). Being mid-week the parking lot at the boat launch ramp was empty. The warm sun was better than I expected in mid September.

The GPS receiver indicated about 1 mile to the target, but since it was hard to paddle over dry land, especially busy highways I stuck to the water. Paddling is easier that way. The trip really was closer to 1.7 miles, with a slight crosswind. Overhead a chopper was circling in what looked like a search pattern, sticking to one side of the lake. Some fair weather Cumulus clouds formed and some buzzards soared overhead. This was a great day for a paddle. After I rounded the last point of land and the GPS pointed directly to the cache, I ignored it and navigated directly to a tree that was turning fall colors. I stayed on that course till the GPS beeped it’s “approaching waypoint” alert. I still didn’t look at it, just looked for the most likely spot for a hide.

Yes, I was still First To Find. And my second Kayak Find. Now I’m looking for good weather for another cache to find by kayak, maybe next week. Any excuse to cache, any excuse to kayak. Combining them is even better.

The paddle back, just like the trip out but with maybe a knot or so more wind, was just as pleasant. I was wishing that the day wasn’t getting old and dinner time approaching or I would have explored more of this lake. It’s now on my ‘gotta paddle here’ list.  And that list is growing. I’m going to be busy next summer.


About Mike

I'm an avid bicyclist, that also enjoys Kayaking, Nature Photography, Cross Country Skiing and Geocaching. There's nothing more boring than sitting indoors in "good" weather.
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