Kayak the Eastern Shore of Md.

Again this week I had a chance of combining two of my passions, Kayaking and Geocaching, again. And for the second time I was First To Find (FTF) a cache by Kayak. This one had been out for 18 days without any one finding it. I’ll again refrain from spoilers, that’ll be easy, I didn’t bring a camera with me.

As usual I had great plans to start out early, and have time for some photography on the way there or back, but I didn’t leave home till late morning. The one plus to that was that I missed all the morning traffic.

I started in Hoopersville, Md. This small town is on Middle Hoopers Island. I know where it is, even though Google Maps had troubles finding it. I launched at The Public Boat Ramp which was deserted on Monday. The 5kt NE wind had been forecast for the day so the paddle looked like it would be easy, and it was. The Honga River is only a couple miles wide there, I reasoned that there was not a long ‘fetch’ to build seas, again I was right. My destination was about 3 miles to the SSE on Lower Hooper’s Island.

I hung in close to shore most of the way down. Found the cache and headed back. I elected to paddle a bit more direct route on the return. The reason, the outbound trip gave me quite a bit of chop across my track, nothing at all really difficult, but just work. I figured that I would have a bit more leeway in picking my course with more open water.

I was a bit surprised that there was quite a bit less chop further offshore, and as a result lots less work. I checked the wind at a couple local weather stations later and found that the wind had eased from 6kt to 4kt during my return, maybe that was enough to flatten the water.

For more about Hooper’s Islands see the wikipedia entry. These islands have quite a history in the early times of Maryland and are worth a drive just to see. I’ll definitely come back here again and explore both the Upper and Middle islands on both the Chesapeake side and the Honga side.

Oh, about the cache. It was an easy find, just where it should have been. As a bonus, the wind kept al bugs away, except for a dragonfly that passed me a couple times.


About Mike

I'm an avid bicyclist, that also enjoys Kayaking, Nature Photography, Cross Country Skiing and Geocaching. There's nothing more boring than sitting indoors in "good" weather.
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