A couple kayak trips and tips

The past few weeks have been busy here, but I have made time for a couple kayak outings. The first was to Galesville, on the West River, a few miles south of Annapolis. From a small put-in at the end of Rt-255 we first paddled Northerly around the point which in reality is a marina and fuel dock. The water. Then NW up the more northerly fingers. The wind was forecast to be about 4kts from the NNE. That open cove faces that direction, and is open water for about 30 miles. the result of even a slight breeze on that long a fetch was a small but definite sea, probably about 1′ peak to trough. It wasn’t bad, and no white-caps, but not an easy paddle for early in the year.

After returning to our start we kept going and explored the first branch of the river to our right, again to the west. The water here was definitely easier to paddle in, almost glassy smooth. We found a spot in the shade to tie off to while we ate our welcome lunch before continuing upstream. Around one point we passed a Day-Marker topped with an Osprey nest holding one very large juvenile that squawked at us the whole time were nearby. We didn’t want to disturb it so we stayed a few hundred feet away as we passed. When we made our turn around we saw both adults circling overhead, then one dropped into the nest to deliver some food.

The next day was still warm enough to paddle on the Potapsco River above the Daniels Dam. This is a stretch of flat-water about 1-1/2 miles. As one paddles upstream the water gets a bit shallow and the current gets stronger. At the turn-around point there are plenty of rocks blocking flat-water kayaks, but I have heard that white-water paddlers launch a few miles upstream from here and have a great time in fairly gentle white water. I haven’t met any of them, so I don’t know what it’s rating is.

The video is a short one looking upstream from the put-in on Daniels Rd. It’s one of my first attempts with a new iPhone

The tips learned from a couple trips

Keep things dry. While a formal Dry Bag may be better, a Zip-Lock (or Glad) – Freezer Bag has served me fine. They come in Quart and Gallon sizes. I use the quart size bags to hold my GPS and wallet. The Gallon size is large enough to hold lunch for two, probably not large enough to hold more than a T-Shirt. I put them in a Deck Bag on the foredeck so they are within reach. One advantage of the zip-lock is that the bag is transparent and I can work my GPS through the bag. For my wallet, so I have identification, I use one bag and can put it in my pocket. I’ve looked at a Dry Bags in one shop and it was way too big for what I needed, but during the winter that was the only one in stock. I may look again during the warmer months and see what is available
I have only brought an old Cell Phone (in a Zip-Lock) with me once, for the header photo, but I’m not sure I’d be brave enough to bring an iPhone , and especially a Nikon D-80 even in a Dry Bag.

I have no connection with Zip-Lock or Glad, just a satisfied user and find them convenient on the short trips of a couple hours I normally take.


About Mike

I'm an avid bicyclist, that also enjoys Kayaking, Nature Photography, Cross Country Skiing and Geocaching. There's nothing more boring than sitting indoors in "good" weather.
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