Caching on a Rock

Just a few weeks ago I was vacationing in San Francisco with side trips south to Monterey and north to Napa. Of course I included time to Cache in the schedule. One cache that was high on my list of desires was GCNR3B – Kashta’s Rock. I’d seen on an earlier trip to Monterey but didn’t attempt the find then, only dreamed of returning some day. On I’m known as TheWoodenRadio

The cache is rated at a Difficulty of 2 and a Terrain of 3.5, but in a way it was one of the most challenging finds I’ve done. The description and hints say to go at Low Tide and be prepare to get wet feet. I didn’t want to chance being caught by bad weather so I took advantage of the first opportunity to get to this cache.

As it turned out, great weather in the morning doesn’t mean great weather in the evening. The weather wasn’t really bad, but the wind was picking up, and fog and mist were blowing in.

the rock Kashta’s Rock feels like it is in the Pacific, but it could also be in Monterey Bay, it’s on the border.,

I did get wet feet on the way out, starting about 2 hours before Low Tide. The trip only took half an hour or so. The first part of the trip was the trickiest, picking one’s way on rocks covered with seaweed. After the first 25′ I arrived on the first Rock, scrambled over it, then another short chance to get wet feet and to the main rock. From there on the route involves a bit of a climb over boulders then onto a plateau covered with Ice Weed, There is a path worn in the weeds, so the walk could be either direction around the island. Half way around one comes to the area near GZ, I won’t give any spoilers but the cache is well hidden, but it is easy to find.

A couple of days later I came back when the sun was better and within a few minutes of Low Tide, This time I took lots better pictures, but didn’t have shoes on that I would climb on, so I didn’t go back out, just took photos from dry land.

the route out
The way out at low tide is on this pipe, At high tide up to 4′ of water covers it.

one view
The cache is out there near the right third of the scene.

another view
The figure in this photo isn’t a cacher, but just a tourist taking advantage of the adventure of this place. There are many that go out here.

Oh, the part of the trip to Napa was also a chaching trip, but without a camera. We rented bicycles and took a 12 mile loop, Stopping for 4 caches on the trip, one of them was my 1300th find.


About Mike

I'm an avid bicyclist, that also enjoys Kayaking, Nature Photography, Cross Country Skiing and Geocaching. There's nothing more boring than sitting indoors in "good" weather.
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