Back in the kayak

Spring has finally sprung! I should have been out on my bicycle more than I have – ok, only two rides this year so far, but it was a start.
Instead this week I decided to go out on the water for lots of fun in my kayak.

Tuesday I headed to Back Creek in Eastport, Annapolis, Maryland. I was here almost a year ago and was surprised to find that I had lucked into the day the Blue Angles were performing for the USNA graduation. I plan to be out on the water again this year. But for now I just wanted to get my paddling muscles in shape. I headed out onto the Severn River and headed east for a short while. By then it was lunch time so I beached for a while to eat, then headed back to my launch point.
Everywhere possible there was an Osprey or two standing guard over nests. I spotted a couple with small chicks trying to see out, this year looks like a good year for them. Just short of my take-out I headed into a small cove, all was quiet but for a Green Heron, which kept hopping from log to log keeping just ahead of me while looking for a fish or two to surprise.

Yesterday, Wednesday, dawned bright again, so after coffee with the Howard County Woodworkers Guild, I headed to a local river for an easy paddle. The Potapsco River starts in the northern reaches of Baltimore and Carroll Counties. It then flows into Liberty Lake, Baltimore City’s largest reservoirs. Downstream from Liberty Dam the fiver meanders as the dividing line between Carroll, Howard, and Baltimore Counties and is one of the main attractions that form the Potapsco Valley State Park(s).
I put in just above the Daniels Dam, just a few hundred feet a above the dam the river is still and is a popular spot for kayaks and canoes.
I paddled as far upstream as possible in my sea kayak. White water kayakers put in a few miles upstream and work the rapids on the way down. I stopped when I got to the bottom of the rapids.

Being lazy has it’s advantages, I had not taken the boat off the car (at home) for two days so when today, Thursday, dawned sunny again I was ready. I headed to the Eastern Neck NWR on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I’ve been here before but never to kayak, and never in good weather. I spotted a couple Bald Eagles a couple months back, but I didn’t see any this time, the only raptors I saw soaring were Vultures. A Great Blue Heron kept flying and fishing along the shore.
One thing I learned on this trip. I put my lunch in the forward ‘hold’ before I set out. But there was nowhere I could land to retrieve it, but back at the put-in. Lesson: Don’t store lunch in either hatch unless you know for sure that there is a place you can get out of the boat and get to it! I sure got hungry knowing lunch was there, but just out of reach. Next time it gets stuffed behind my seat or under my knees.


About Mike

I'm an avid bicyclist, that also enjoys Kayaking, Nature Photography, Cross Country Skiing and Geocaching. There's nothing more boring than sitting indoors in "good" weather.
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