Wake up, It’s Breakfast Time!

Way back, almost tow years ago, I wrote about Goetta. Sure enough I’d forgotten about it and since I was on a cooking theme recently I thought I’d write about it. Then a couple of nights ago one of my blog readers found the old page. Well, I had to take a look at again. I noticed a few things that just had to be changed, but it didn’t warrant a whole new article. The result, I’ve made a couple changes and corrections. I won’t bore my readers by repeating the entire article, but say go back and read the new version. It’s HERE.

As you can probably tell, I don’t use what I may classify as “factory” recipes. Oh, I’ll look at one, then change it a bit, adding a little more or less of this and that to fit my idea of what I’d like it to taste like. Rarely have I been disappointed with my changes, and I haven’t had anyone complain either. My motto of cooking comes from an old saying I once heard “In two activities in life one can’t be successful by following a book, one is cooking, the other is making love!


About Mike

I'm an avid bicyclist, that also enjoys Kayaking, Nature Photography, Cross Country Skiing and Geocaching. There's nothing more boring than sitting indoors in "good" weather.
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