I’m Halfway Through CAM

In part two of CAM we finished up at the Prettyboy Reservoir. And now it’s now about time for part three. Monday we had about 5″ of snow, but by Tuesday it was mostly melted, and it looked like a great day to be outdoors. I headed down to Montgomery County for the CAM cache along Seneca Creek near Black Rock Mill. I arrived in the parking lot at the mill and parked beside a Red Pickup Truck, somehow it just looked like a Geocacher’s truck.

About 100′ from the old mill my cache list showed another cache – It’d been placed back in 2007, about the time I’d restarted caching – I actually started in 2003 with 4 finds, then didn’t cache again till October of 2007. I took a quick look and had no joy. So I started toward the trailhead when Ozzy and his two sons appeared having come back from finding the cache I was ultimately headed for. We teamed up for the cache here, Ozzy found it, but one of his sons was in a better place to make the grab.


gps_7516After that I headed out, but hadn’t fully prepared. I was .3 miles down the trail when I realized I’d forgotten my iPhone – a necessity for taking pictures of the QR code in the cache, one of the clues I’d eventually need to attend the picnic. Once I returned to the car, had the iPhone in my pocket I headed back out. The weather was perfect for a hike in these woods, the temperature was in the mid-40s, the path was dry and only small patches of snow remained in shady spots under the trees. A short half mile walk brought me to the cache – another easy find. I signed the log, got the QR code photographed and was on my way back home in short order. Now I had logged 4 of the 10 CAM caches, almost half way there.

Wednesday he local weather forecast called for partly cloudy sky and the temperature about like yesterday, so I headed to Frederick west of here to the top of the Catoctin Mountains and Gambrill State Park. The overlooks in the park give views of Frederick to the east, and the Middletown Valley to the west, both great views when one has time and good weather. since I was about 40 miles west of my weather forecast and on the top of a mountain things were a bit different – almost lots different.

There were about three cars in the parking lot, I figured one of them was a cacher and started off looking at the locations of the waypoints. I have my GPS set up that it needs to move before it will tell me which way to go. I started walking, and of course it was in the exact opposite direction from what I should have gone. Once straightened out I quickly found the waypoints Io needed to. Oh, did I say this was a mystery cache? I had two waypoints to find, collect some information, then do a bit of addition to figure the coördinates to the destination.

I did say the weather was not the same as at home. the extra elevation meant that the Monday’s snow and not melted, and it felt lots colder. On the hike out after finding the cache, and one other ‘bonus’ cache snow started falling. I say falling with a bit of a grin. The wind was blowing, so any snow was actually falling sideways. It didn’t amount to much, but make me really glad that the car’s heater builds heat fast.

The score now, 5 caches done, 5 more to go. One is in far Western Maryland – probably an overnight trip. It’s only a 3 hour drive each way, but it’s on long boring (tiring) stretches of interstate. Then two caches in Southern Maryland, and another two on the Eastern Shore – both good for stopping for plenty of photos.


About Mike

I'm an avid bicyclist, that also enjoys Kayaking, Nature Photography, Cross Country Skiing and Geocaching. There's nothing more boring than sitting indoors in "good" weather.
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