The Sheriff gets into the act on CAM

Maryland is sometimes known as “America in Miniature”, My first CAM-2013 cache was near Annapolis, not far from the US Naval Academy. Then CAM took me first to the far northeast in Cecil County, with “gently rolling hills” as one bicycle ride described the terrain. My comment after that ride was “Gently rolling my A**.” But I didn’t have to ride 63 miles for that cache. Then I ventured into Montgomery and Baltimore Counties in central Maryland, in the Piedmont Plateau. Next came one cache in Frederick County, in the Appalachian mountains.

Following that I headed to Southern Maryland on the Coastal Plain, mainly sandy soil, and to the first Maryland settlement in the “New World”, St Mary’s City. and to a cache in the Jug Bay Environmental Area in Prince Georges County. This trip took us close to the Battle Creek Cyprus Swamp in Calvert County. My last CAM entry was about a trip we took to the ‘real mountains’ of western Maryland. Some of you may laugh at that description “real”, but even 3,000′ seem like major mountains to us ‘flatlanders’.

So what’s left in a state known as “America in miniature”? The Eastern Shore, also known as the DelMarVa Peninsula. Comprising most of Delaware, and parts of Maryland and Virginia it is bounded on the West by the Chesapeake Bay, on the north by the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal, and on the east by the Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. The terrain is flat, and mainly farmland. That makes for great bicycling as long as one wants to ride with the wind, but the way home can be brutal. Couple that with no hills to coast down, the joys of cycling are mixed.

3twopups_7702One of the last two caches was on the shore of the Choptank River near Cambridge. As I pulled into a suggested parking spot ari54321 and snerdwing were returning from the find, while I chatted with them another car of cachers pulled up. david&theresacache along with their two 12-week old puppies Nyssa & Blitz. So the three of us headed off with two dogs to find the CAM cache, within a few yards of the shore of the Choptank River. On the way back we stopped for another cache.

From there I headed to Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge, though I rarely happen am there at the right time of year I still enjoy the drive. Today was no different for me, but I was able to get a few photos, Egrets, Ducks, and Osprey.

3osprey_7778 3ducks_7804


4ponies_1803From there I headed on towards Ocean City, a meca for sun worshipers during the summer. The route took me through places with old Indian (whoops Native American) names like Pokomoke, Nanticoke, Wicomoco, and Assateague. The Great Pokomoke Cyprus swamp lies along the shores of the Pokomoke Rriver, I’ll be kayaking there in early June, maybe a blog post is in the future about that. Chincoteague and Assateague, both Wildlife Refuges are barrier islands with protected wild ponies. I didn’t make it to either this year, but last year I did get a couple of photos.

When I arrived in Ocean City, also on a barrier island, I quickly found the park with the cache. Then a rather unexciting moment happened. I had a LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) Encounter. After I got out of the car the Sheriff’s car pulled up and it went about like this:

Sheriff: How’s you day going?
me: Great, What’s up?
Sheriff: You looking for the CAM Cache?
me: Yes sir!
Sheriff: Great! I think I recognize you – TheWoodenRadio? I’m 9Searchers (another cacher)

The cache was a short walk across a city park, then two more caches on the way back and I’m done CAM for this year, that is till the CAM Picnic in early May.

Though caching doesn’t stop,. I’ll be dedicating more of my time to Kayaking as the weather gets warmer.


About Mike

I'm an avid bicyclist, that also enjoys Kayaking, Nature Photography, Cross Country Skiing and Geocaching. There's nothing more boring than sitting indoors in "good" weather.
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