CAM 2013 Goes Into The History and Record Books


Yes, CAM 2013 is a piece of history. If you haven’t been following my CAM posts, here’s a brief what is it?. CAM stands for Cache Across Marylsnd. Though CAM is in Maryland, and organized by the Maryland Geocaching Socitey, geocachers from all over the Mid-Atlantic area take part, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, West Virginia, Virginia, and DC. Since only cachers sign the log it’s hard to get an exact count, many bring the rest of the family, but it is estimated there were 300 people at this year’s picnic. Back in March 10 caches were hidden across Maryland, from the far west in Garrett County, to the Atlantic Ocean, in Ocean City. Other caches were in the Cecil County in the far northeast corner of the state, and in St Mary’s City in the south and more in the central parts of the state.. To qualify for the picnic all one had to do was to find all 10 of them, and record a code letter. Then about two weeks ago the puzzle decoder was sent to all participants, giving us the ability to find the coördinates of the CAM Picnic, which ended up being in Potapsco State Park near Relay, Md. The last time I checked there were 125 cachers that had logged “Will Attend”, many of them brought non caching family members, and GeoPups.

I’d say it’s not your ordinary picnic, with over 100 Pot Luck offerings to choose from, it’s a real Feast, and challenge to keep from over-eating. To help on that score, I brought some old plastic plates, the ones that came in the “gourmet TV Dinners” (that’s my term for them) back in the 80s and 90s. Good heavy cream-colored plastic. What’s special about them is that they are sturdy, and about 3/4 size of normal paper plates. It’s psychological, I know, but loading up one of them looks good, and just a bit less (over)filling.

I was too busy socializing to take any photos but later Donna and I went hiking up to Cascade Falls in the park, and did get a few good shots of the falls.

3cascadefalls_7939 3cascadefalls_7926



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I'm an avid bicyclist, that also enjoys Kayaking, Nature Photography, Cross Country Skiing and Geocaching. There's nothing more boring than sitting indoors in "good" weather.
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