A Busy Weekend

How can I say “a busy weekend ” when it started on om Wednesday? The weather and the water have warmed up, and the press of finding all the CAM Caches is behind me, so my thoughts have turned more to Kayaking and an upcoming photo vacation, more on that later.

A week ago I had the bad experience of forgetting my gear, see a post about two back, this Wednesday I fully loaded the car – well prepared. The target was tp paddle with the Chesapeake Paddling Association (CPA) at their weekly paddle/pot-luck dinner on Wednesdays at Pier 7 in Edgewater, Md. The season is adjust getting underway, reports were that last week only 6 paddlers showed up, but this week the head count was closer to 20. We headed off in small groups , some of the faster, and in better shape headed toward Quiet Waters Park, about 3 mikes away, while others just explored Some of the nearby coves. I paddled solo for a while up the closest cove, then headed back. One of the paddlers was just launching, knowing that she paddled about my speed and that I was way too early to quit for the day, I turned around and we headed back to the same cove.

3cpaevening_8066A light afternoon breeze whipped up a bit of chop on the South river, but in the cove the water was as flat as glass. After we paddled back to home port we a feast waited for us, provided by a couple of members that didn’t paddle tonight. Tonight’s fare was a chicken vegetable soup and a salad..

One of the many benefits of paddling In a group like this is at the end none of us has to .load his.her boat alone, we all fads a pitch into make sure all boats are on the car, most before we start eating. So ended Wednesday evening, with a rest day on Thursday.

3CLCDemo4The rest of the weekend, was a busy one, on Friday and Saturday Chesapeake Light Craft (CLC) held its annual OkoumeFest. CLC on one of a small group of companies that produces kits for home build Kayaks. Okoume plywood is the main wood used in those homebuilt kayaks. The Okoumefest is a two-day event, beginning on Friday we were presented with a tour of the shop beginning with a demonstration of the CNC Machine that cuts out the parts for the kayaks. Part of the demo was the machine cutting a “monkey”

3CLCDemo6Then we moved into one of the shop bays where a clsas was in session constructing Annapolis Wherry, in all there were about 8 of these boats under construction by class members. Then we moved outdoors for demonstrations of tool sharpening, fiberglassing and finally how to refinish a kayak’s hull with Varnish 3CLCDemo5

After a short night’s rest I headed to the second half of the OkoumeFest, at the Matapeake State Park on the eastern shore of Chesapeake Bay where CLC assembled a multitude of their boats for the public to try. But, I was on the “Water Safety Team”, paddling my store-bought plastic kayak all day, watching for people in trouble and keeping the fleet within bounds. Sorry, but no photos of that, I was way too busy paddling to take any pictures.

Then Sunday the Celebrate Life Triathlon was held, again I was on the water safety team. Dawn Sunday morning hardly cracked – it was way too wet to crack. it started misty and foggy, and didn’t change most of the morning.


Finally on Sunday afternoon I was able to dry-out and give the boat a needed cleaning.


About Mike

I'm an avid bicyclist, that also enjoys Kayaking, Nature Photography, Cross Country Skiing and Geocaching. There's nothing more boring than sitting indoors in "good" weather.
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