Morning Comes Very Early

The old saying that “Morning Comes Too Early In The Day” says a lot, but misses the point of getting up early. This morning at 0430 sure felt like a time I didn’t want to roll out of bed and be on the road. But it was worth it! I had the kayak loaded on the car, and the rest of the supplies I carry along were packed and in the car too.

So I headed out to meet a group of about 20 other kayakers for a “crack of dawn” paddle on Tridelphia Lake, a near-by reservoir not far from home. When I arrived at the designated put-in the parking was at a premium and everyone else had their boats unloaded, and some were already on the water. Note to self: Next time set the clock 15 minutes earlier!

4waitingtridelphia-8The sky was just beginning to show some light, I guess it could be called First Light when 19 paddlers began this morning’s cruise. After about 45 minutes we’s come close to the head of the lake and taking a breather, we waited for sunrise. The water was warm, but the morning’s temperature was cool, resulting in some surface fog slowly drifting by.

4fog-islands-tridelphia-11Before our muscles cooled down too much we headed downstream past a couple small rock islands that form the separation between two basins in the lake, but the sandbar that connects them is only a problem when the water level is low, not this year – we’ve had plenty of rain.

4DeerTrudelphia Passing the branch we started on, we continued for another mile or so, finally stopping on one of the larger ‘bays’ on the lake. On shore about a quarter of a mile away we spotted a family of deer drinking grazing at the edge of a lake, Again on our return I saw another deer grazing at the water’s edge, maybe it was wondering what was happening out in the middle of the lake in colorful boats.

As we paddled up “Big Branch” on the final leg on this mornings outing some of us spotted small swirls of fog. They were on the border between shade and sunlight, looking like Dust Devils, or as one other paddler called it a “Mini Tornado”. Strange and Interesting.

Well morning does come early, and it’s well worth getting up and taking advantage of it. Would Io do it again? YES! and I’ll be there earlier so I get a good parking place and not be the last on the water.

Oh, one other great thing about this morning’s group paddle. Most of us had a breakfast at a small restaurant nearby. Now I just have to unload the boat again.


About Mike

I'm an avid bicyclist, that also enjoys Kayaking, Nature Photography, Cross Country Skiing and Geocaching. There's nothing more boring than sitting indoors in "good" weather.
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