Chapter 66 — What Nordic Visitor and Dollar/Thrifty Car Rental Don’t Tell You

I was the one with the car rented from Eurocars through Icelandic Farm Holidays – I picked up my car at the airport, the only problem was getting used to driving a “Stick Shift” diesel, and that the car was one lot further from the door than I thought. Carrying my bags in the rain was only a minor inconvenience.. After getting used to the stick-shift, and the diesel I loved the car I had, a Scota Octavia which seemed to get great mileage- I’m guessing it was close to the advertised 50mpg, thank goodness because the cost of fuel is lots higher than I’m used to.

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Harbor, Reykjavik

          If you booked a tour of Iceland through Nordic Visitor, you were deliriously happy with the results, according to the tour operator’s website, .   None of the thousands of tourists who have used Nordic Visitor reported experiencing even a minor glitch.  Could that be because

° (a) no tourist  ever had a problem?

° (b) the web image consultants are making sure no critical comment sullies the chorus of  praise for touring with Nordic Visitor?

° (c) customers who report problems are ignored, and therefore their problems don’t count?

More than one answer can be correct.

As for the rental car agency, Dollar/Thrifty Car Rental does not appear to have a website in English under that name, although a comment on one site reported good experience with booking independently and picking up the car at Keflavik Airport.

No word on dealing with the office in Reykjavik.

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