Chapter 67 The Baby Bunnies’ Story

Ah, the Bunnies’ Tale, or should it be called the Bunny’s Tail

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          How did  Greta know the nest was there?  Baby bunnies have no scent,   The lack of scent  is doubtless  Mother Nature’s way of helping them not attract predators before they’re big and strong enough to have at least a fighting chance to hop away.

The mother rabbit put the nest under the lilac bush.  Poor choice.  Greta claimed the area under the lilac years ago and hollowed it out the length of a large dog.  She lies under the lilac in summer, enjoying the cool earth.  When leaves fall, she plays hide-and-seek with her toys under the leaves.  In winter, she sometimes hides toys and comes up with a faceful of snow.  In spring, she may have to bite out some roots spreading  into her area.

          The day of the bunnies was sunny, but not too hot.  Greta was lounging in the freshly-mown grass…

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