one F (fine) Big Tree

“Sunny with the temperature in the mid to upper 60s F” That’s a good day to get out caching. There was a new Cache-n-Dash published last night, and a cacher that lived close by found it about a half hour late. I didn’t get the alert for that cache till well after dark when I looked at my phone. So I saved that cache for today.

When I finished ‘playing’ on the computer this morning, about 11am, I saw that the weather outdoors was indeed pleasant if not inviting. So I headed off the last night’s new cache, yes an easy find. Then hunger hit and I stopped for lunch at Grilled Cheese Co for lunch. Yes, a shop that only serves Grilled Cheese, well they have salads and soup too.

After that I felt refreshed and ready for more serious caching, so I headed to the Howard County Conservancy for a few caches, and a good hike. The conservancy sits on the grounds of the 300 year old Mt. Pleasant Farm. Occupying 232-acres it includes gently rolling hills with demonstration gardens, hedgerows and open fields.

Headed out for the first cache took me over a quarter mile through fields which had new trees planted, with plastic cylinders over the lower couple feet to protect them.

After finding the first cache, fairly easy, I headed off for another quarter mile to the second. Another easy find.

Now it was time to get down to some serious hiking to the third cache in the Conservancy. This time it was more like half a mile to a cache named IYOF Big Tree Tour – Howard Tulip Poplar,

Across this field?

Not quite, another field to cross!

Not there, yet again another field to cross.

Only about 500′ to go I pass a Tree Stand, used by deer hunters.

Finally I’m near my goal, I’ll only say that the hike was worth it. I said I won’t give any spoilers, If you’re a cacher  you will have to make the hike, and find the cache yourself.

Now that’s one Fine Big Tree I’d estimate that the trunk is over 6′ in diameter, that’s about 20′ around. Tulip Poplars are plentiful in central Maryland, and produce enough flowers in the spring to make Tulip Poplar Honey the largest honey crop here though it is usually marked as wildflower. It is dark and sweet, but not as dark as Buckwheat Honey. It’s the honey I prefer over all others.


About Mike

I'm an avid bicyclist, that also enjoys Kayaking, Nature Photography, Cross Country Skiing and Geocaching. There's nothing more boring than sitting indoors in "good" weather.
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