Chapter 75 — Barkdown at Gopher Gulch

I barked a big laugh at this. I think it’s a good read.

Mostly Lab

          It was a hot, dusty day in Gopher Gulch, Texas.  Every day was  a hot, dusty day in Gopher Gulch, except during the winter, when it was cold and dusty.  Rusty trotted down Main Street.  When he put his nose down to check for scents,  his  spaniel ears dragged in the dust.

 Rusty’s humans referred to him as a “maybe spaniel.”  They couldn’t figure out whether he was The Champa Cocker spaniel or perhaps a King Charles spaniel.  Rusty had never met his dad and couldn’t remember his mom, but he didn’t really care what his breed was. Like most of us, he was a mix.

          Rusty  headed for the stable, where his friends would be hanging out in a patch of shade cast by the wall of the building.

          “Hi, Rusty,” they greeted him.

          “Hi, folks.”

          The  dogs sniffed rear ends.

          “So, what’s new?” …

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