From the Winery to good Dining in Orrtanna

A small town I like for two special things, Fine Wile, and Good Food but not both at the same place. And it’s a nice place to bicycle through when I have ‘spare’ time.

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Small Towns, Hamlets and Villages

It’s been too long since my last entry here, I’ll use the lame excuse that many businesses are claiming for low profits, “It’s because of bad weather“. But I’ve resumed my rambling around. This time I’m in Orrtanna, Pennsylvania, a few miles west of Gettysburg in a “Census-designated place“, a description I hadn’t heard of before.

Orrtanna is located in western Adams County at the eastern foot of South Mountain. The community is primarily in the northeast corner of Hamiltonban Township, with a small portion extending into the northwest corner of Highland Township.
– Wikipedia

I bicycle through here from time to time. In the late summer I enjoy the aroma of apples in the orchards that are full of shiny red apples waiting for the harvest. One end of Orrtanna is home to the Adams County Winery, making what I consider some really…

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