Who’s that knocking on my door

I look out the kitchen window at the gently falling snow and muse to myself, “The kayaks are under cover for the winter, and the snowshoes are at the door.” So Jinny and I settle down for a good cup of hot coffee. I say to her, “The generator has plenty of gas, and the heating oil is full, with enough food we can hold up here for quite a while.”

She replies, “The propane for the stove was filled yesterday, and I brought in enough wood for the fireplace, we can have a nice quiet time to snuggle before a roaring fire in the hearth. Oh, by the way I got plenty of hot-dogs and marshmallows. It’ll be just like camping when the kids were small.”

KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK. We looked at each other and in unison “Who could that be, coming out on a snowy New Years morning?”

We opened the door to find our neighbors. “Happy New Year! Are we first?” they yelled “Are we First-Foot?”

It took me a couple of seconds to remember reading of an old Scottish and Northern England custom, the first visitor on New Years morning had the honor of being welcomed as First-Foot to cross the threshold, an honor indeed. After a round of hot coffee, they headed west, so Jinny and I dressed and decided to head north and see if we could First-Foot other neighbors.

Friday Fictioneers by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields challenges writers, or wannabe writers to create a 100 word story based on a photo prompt each week. Here’s the story for December 14th, 2016
Thanks Š Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for the inspiring photo


If you’ve never heard of First-Footing here’s a link. Google also has links to more definitions.


About Mike

I'm an avid bicyclist, that also enjoys Kayaking, Nature Photography, Cross Country Skiing and Geocaching. There's nothing more boring than sitting indoors in "good" weather.
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4 Responses to Who’s that knocking on my door

  1. Interesting to know about First-Foot. Thanks.

  2. Iain Kelly says:

    Nice take Mike – a lovely tradition.

  3. jellico84 says:

    Interesting tradition. Perhaps you should explain more for those of us across the pond who’ve never heard of it.

  4. Dear Mike,

    Interesting tradition. You do that here and you’re bound to catch someone in the throes of a New Year’s Eve hangover. 😉 Nice one.



    (A bit longish in the word count for FF).

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