The Bear Went Over The Mountain

Andrew and I had been been planning this backpacking hike for a couple months, not an extended one, just a weekend hike. We’d drop a car at the end, then drive to where we’d start on a Friday afternoon. While we explored the map on Google Maps, and satellite view we saw that the route was a bit horseshoe shape, circumnavigating a valley between to mountains. The satellite view didn’t have the usual ‘fallen tree’ look for the valley, but more like a green cloud hovered in the depression. Ok, we’d follow the white blazed trail for a two day hike.

By midday on Saturday we were still feeling great, shopped for a bite of lunch. Then as we reached a trail, actually more of a “deer path”, Andy pulled out his map and suggested we stop for a breather. The path seemed to lead to a pass in the nearby hill, and he suggested we take a look. “Only a mile to the top. We can take a look over the top, see what Google’s green cloud is all about. We’ll still have plenty of day light before we reach Monster Shelter for the night.”

“Sure,” I agree, ‘A mile up, a mile back won’t put us behind.”

3-spf-03-saschadarlington-12-february-2017And so we made the turn, feeling like the Bear that went over the mountain to see when it could see. And we did see what we could see. We still don’t know what we saw, and can’t explain it, almost like a Theme Park.

Baffled, we decided not to tell anyone, keeping the secret to ourselves.

Sunday Photo Fiction – February 12th 2017 is a flash fiction writing challenge, not to challenge writer against writer, but just to see if we can come up with a short story, about 250 words, based loosely around a supplied picture.
This week’s photo is courtesy of SASCHA DARLINGTON


About Mike

I'm an avid bicyclist, that also enjoys Kayaking, Nature Photography, Cross Country Skiing and Geocaching. There's nothing more boring than sitting indoors in "good" weather.
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4 Responses to The Bear Went Over The Mountain

  1. Ha, I liked this. I guess some things are still hidden from Google satellites.

  2. I guess with the right software, you can hide anytihing from Google SPies. Good story

    • Mike says:

      The inspiration came from a TV show/movie back in the 50’s(?). I think the name/theme of the show/episode was Utopia, or something like that. Could have been one of the SiFi shows of the time. My memory of it was if you entered, you could never leave. Nobody in the outside world should ever know of it’s existence. That’s why the hikers sneaked back to the trail.

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