The Bugs, They’re Hatching

“Ugh, what’s that thing?” my sister asked.

Mom replied that it was a Praying Mantis egg case. But it only looked like a brown lump on the branch. But we brought it and sat it in the kitchen window. It’d been snowing outside, cold and miserable. None of us thought about what would happen when the thing warmed up.

Wow! when we came down for breakfast about a week later the kitchen window was covered with tiny Praying Mantis. I mean really tiny, smaller than a grain of rice, there must have been thousands of the tiny bugs. We learned not to bring things like that indoors ever again.

This week Rocelle Wiseoff-Fields ‘bugs’ us once again with a worthy challenge for Friday Fictioneers

The Photo is © Shaktiki Sharma, thanks.


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I'm an avid bicyclist, that also enjoys Kayaking, Nature Photography, Cross Country Skiing and Geocaching. There's nothing more boring than sitting indoors in "good" weather.
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20 Responses to The Bugs, They’re Hatching

  1. James says:

    When my grandson was little and still slept in a crib, I went to wash his sheets one day and found what looked like thousands of tiny spiders calling all through his blanket. Mama spider must have laid her eggs there and they hatched.

    Fortunately, my grandson only used our crib when he stayed overnight, so he was spared all that. It was a chore getting all of the little critters out.

  2. Tamal says:

    Great story. Is this a real thing that happened to you?

  3. trentpmcd says:

    So, fiction or real experience? I saw something liek that happen when i was kid, so I had to ask 😉

  4. Mike says:

    Could we call it “historical fiction” ?? I was found out! I don’t really remember how it all happened, but yes this ‘flash fiction’ is based on real a happening back in the ’50s. So I don’t remember who said what, or even who thought it would be a good idea to bring it in. But I do remember the thousands of tiny Praying Mantis on the kitchen window-sill and the mad scrabmel trying to get them out.

  5. granonine says:

    My little brother brought what he thought were fish eggs into his bedroom.

    They were mosquitos.

  6. I wonder what they’ll do to get rid of them.

  7. Joy Pixley says:

    I saw a video a while back about how fast praying mantises hatch and grow. It’s amazing to watch, but not something I would want happening INSIDE my house!

  8. Lorraine says:

    Praying mantis are among my favourite bugs. Though I’m not sure a thousand or so hatching in my house would be the best thing — unless they ate the ants that insist on emerging from nests in the walls . . .

  9. Dale says:

    Thankfully my boys never brought home such a “gift”!!

  10. Very creepy. Well written, though.

  11. Rommy says:

    I think those children will be lucky not to develop a phobia of insects after this.

  12. Sandra says:

    That’s a hard lesson to learn. But it’s as well to learn it early!

  13. Michael Wynn says:

    That sounds like just the kind of thing I’d have enjoyed doing when i was young. I lost a slow worm behind my mum’s washing machine once, we never found it.

  14. I feel kind of itchy reading this. Lol

  15. gahlearner says:

    That could have happened to me as well. Bugger to get them into cages and feed them til spring (or did they get thrown out in the cold?).

  16. Well, that would never happen to me. No way! Nice creepy story.

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