Who Is The New Barber

Out in the middle of nowhere, dozen’s of miles from any interstate, stood the small town of Midvale. The town seemed to have some strange happenings, but it didn’t seem to bother most of the residents.

Main Street locally known just as Main, or at times Maine. Not many. even on the city council could agree on the spelling but the State Roads Department insisted on putting Main on some of the signs and Maine on others.

One thing for sure was that from day-to-day nobody could be sure what shops would be open, or even who the proprietors were. Take for instance the “Big Bakery”. For a year or so the storefront had been abandoned. The on a Tuesday the sign appeared and aromas of baking wafted over Main St, or was it Maine St. Everyone that entered was greeted by name, as if the baker or his assistant knew them. After church services the next Sunday the parish started talking about it. Nobody knew the baker or the assistant. No one had even seen them in the market or eatery. They all began to wonder…

Two months later the bakery was gone, leaving the space empty and dusty, as if the space was always abandoned. No ovens, no pastry display cases, nothing! Even the sign was gone without a trace. Again the town started talking, they were mystified.

That incident was almost forgotten when across the street, in another abandoned storefront, a Coffee Shop appeared. The baristas all seemed to know all the patrons, and their choice of black or with cream and sugar. But again none of the town knew the staff. Except in the shop they were never seen around town.

The chief of police had his deputies watch all the parking places, but there were no strange cars in town. It was as if the coffee shop staff just appeared in the morning, and vanished after the shop closed in the evening.

Three months later the coffee shop unexpectedly vanished, the same way the bakery did. Nothing left but an old abandoned, empty and dusty old storefront.

But really mystified the residents of Midvale was what happened a few months later. Over night a new barber shop appeared unexpectedly. It even sported the sign “Three Barbers, No Waiting“. And the three barbers greeted all the patrons as if they had been old friends, they even knew exactly how to trim their hair.

This week Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie’s challenge Tale Weaver #111: the lighter side 16.03.17 is best described by the blog post itself

As we’ve past the Ides of March, and it’s St. Pat’s eve, thought we’d take a walk on the lighter side this tale weaver. Your thread, your tale, your tapestry is carte blanc: comedy; happy endings; sweet tales; lighter fare. What ever strikes your fancy as being light and airy. Shimmering, like stained glass sun catchers and melodically like wind chimes. Farcical like silent movie stunts (Buster Keaton comes to mind). Laugh out loud funny books and movies – your taste probably varies from mine.

Take off the dark clothing, change the heavy music on the stereo, and write with a light heart and a lighter pen.
image: Gary Larsen, Far Side, School for the Gifted via activehappiness.com

It’s a bit longer than usual, a bit over 400 words, but today’s challenge has no limit.


About Mike

I'm an avid bicyclist, that also enjoys Kayaking, Nature Photography, Cross Country Skiing and Geocaching. There's nothing more boring than sitting indoors in "good" weather.
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3 Responses to Who Is The New Barber

  1. wordwitch88 says:

    curious and curious – makes for a fun read – light and easy – definitely no “black side” here – yet? other than well fed, well watered and now? well trimmed residents …..

    I”d be curious to know what happens …. just sayin’ 😉

  2. Michael says:

    Great response Mike, lovely contribution to the Tale Weaver, so much we now want to know….

  3. Lorraine says:

    Think I’ll drop by Midvale some time. Hang around for about three months, then . . .
    Great tale you wove — full of light mystery and wonder whys.
    Thanks so for participating — another great response on your part.

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