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The Bilge Is Almost Dry!

Boom! …. Crack …. Boom I fumbled for a light, but nothing happened. Even the clock, digital of course, was off. By the time I fumbled for a flashlight I saw it was a little after 4 in the morning. … Continue reading

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Late At Night

I’m waiting for the tea water to heat and take a look out the window. Nice Aurora tonight. Then I notice my neighbor’s car is warming up. Doc must have received a call from one of his expectant patients. It … Continue reading

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The Ruins of Daniels’ Chruch

Paula of Lost On Translation issues photo challenges weekly as “An attempt to convey meanings through words, images and sounds”. This week’s challenge is “Traces of the past.” One photo I dug out of my archive was taken while I … Continue reading

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Staying On Top

Staying on top of the water Paddling on the Chesapeake Bay with the Chesapeake Bay Bridges in the background. Staying on top takes skill I don’t have. — For Paula’s Black & White Sunday, On Top

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Down By The Old Mill

It’s been well over a century when the big flood breached the dam, and cut off the source of water for the millrace a couple miles upstream. Somehow the mill house survived but went unused. That is untill a few … Continue reading

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The Snow versus The Photographer

The photographer knew he’d have to work fast. He’d have to get everything setup and test shots taken before the sun started warming the branch. And he had to do all the work in the cold, freezing his fingers. Once … Continue reading

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A Job Well Done

James was never seen again after setting off down the rutted, puddled road. He had some difficulty dodging around the puddles, but his truck made it. He turned right on to the road toward town, He thought of the two … Continue reading

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R is for Red, or is R for Rocks

Your Choice Red or Rocks, or could it even be Red Rocks I’ll let you decide. I was in Denver, Colorado for GeoWoodstock, a Geocaching event and the day after the main event a group went to Red Rocks Amphitheatre … Continue reading

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O is for …

Is this cheating? After last week’s challenge “N is for ” where I responded with photos of Nests with a Bald Eagle and Ospreys. Right away I thought of more Osprey for the expected O challenge. So here goes. Camera … Continue reading

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Don’t Go There!

You want to see Borders and Limits, we got ’em both. About a mile down the tracks from the Strasburg Steam Railroad Station the tracks cross Paradise Lane. All around the intersection lie picturesque Amish farm. In the midst of … Continue reading

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