A Quick Intoduction

What’s the subject here? No one subject in particular, what I write about from time to time will vary, but the theme should generally be my views of life and ways to live.

About me: I’ve been retired for a while from the High Tech world and now enjoy life by staying active in many ways. Some days I can be found bicycling, other days I will be out on the water in my kayak. Between Bicycling and Kayaking I am an avid Photographer and Geocacher.

From time to time I will be adding recipes or just rambling on about cooking, or sometimes I will be trying some purely fiction, making uo stuff as my mind wonders

As usual comments, pro or con, are invited.

Happy reading.


There are two ways to get my PGP – Public Key, either get it from MIT Keyserver, use mvore for your search string or Download it here. Then add it to your keyring.

1 Response to A Quick Intoduction

  1. Charli Mills says:

    Oh, wow — is that your kayak? Gorgeous woodwork! Like the blue heron on roof peak, too. That’s one of my favorite birds.

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