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Up and Down

This week’s challenge from Paula at BLACK & WHITE SUNDAY is STEPS AND STAIRS This is a week of easy, straightforward challenges; at least I like to think that they are. You are supposed to post a photo (or more) … Continue reading

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News In The Morning Paper

FENCE APPROVED In a suprising vote of 87-3 last night  town council supported a movement to erect a fence around the viking ship on display in Leif Erikson Park. It may be remembered that for as back as some old-timers … Continue reading

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The Green Tux

Edith stood back and looked at her efforts; surely this year hers would be the best dressed moose in town. Tomorrow she and Fred would celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary, A day she happily remembers. It started with the wedding … Continue reading

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What Time Is It?

An Apple-Watch? No! A Smart-Watch? No! The old-timer, the great-grandson of an old-time Railroad man, wouldn’t have any of those new-fangled things. He always wore his great-grandpa’s railroad pocket-watch. But when he reached for it to see how long he’d … Continue reading

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“Daddy,” Billy asked, “Why is that piano covered?” “Because it’s sleeping.” “You’re silly daddy, pianos don’t sleep.” “When you sleep you have a cover on, so that’s what piano’s do.” “No, Why really does that piano have a cover on … Continue reading

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In A Red Coat

Hi, people call me Exodus and a black pug. Having short hair I get cold, so during some times ‘mom’ puts a coat on me with we go out. It’s a bright red and has white fur trim. Some people … Continue reading

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The End, The Beginning

Clementine anxiously waited for the 5:40 out of the city, wondering if he would be on board. It would be the last time she would meet him here. It’d been almost three years since they first met here. After this … Continue reading

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Among The Clouds

Somewhere in the rising warm air topped by fair-weather cumulus clouds a lone Bald Eagle is soaring. I know he’s up there, saw him recently, but when I glanced away for a short while to get my lunch I lost … Continue reading

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The Bear Went Over The Mountain

Andrew and I had been been planning this backpacking hike for a couple months, not an extended one, just a weekend hike. We’d drop a car at the end, then drive to where we’d start on a Friday afternoon. While … Continue reading

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The Bilge Is Almost Dry!

Boom! …. Crack …. Boom I fumbled for a light, but nothing happened. Even the clock, digital of course, was off. By the time I fumbled for a flashlight I saw it was a little after 4 in the morning. … Continue reading

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