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Where Can I Find A Wheelbarrow

For Sunday Photo Fiction – April 23rd 2017 Each week a photo is used, donated by one of the participants of Sunday Photo Fiction, and the idea is to write a story with the photo as a prompt in around … Continue reading

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Grandfather Dropped In

For months the woodworker spent most of the time in his workshop building a Grandfather clock. He made the case from the rarest hardwoods he could find. Everyday woods like Mahogany or Cherry just wouldn’t do, he found rarer species … Continue reading

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News In The Morning Paper

FENCE APPROVED In a suprising vote of 87-3 last night  town council supported a movement to erect a fence around the viking ship on display in Leif Erikson Park. It may be remembered that for as back as some old-timers … Continue reading

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What Does The ” ‘ ” Replace ?

A new Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie challenge has come on the scene: “I, Dylan, will happily be taking on every other Friday’s prompt within Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. This prompt will alternate with another on Fridays. I would like to continue the first line … Continue reading

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In The Rain

© Jules Paige When Captain Josh got the call, “The Game’s been canceled.” he wasn’t surprised. The rain had been falling for three days. It just meant that on this afternoon’s run to the mainland his boat, The Spray, would … Continue reading

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Early Morning Paddle

This morning only a last trace of winter’s ice remained as the two paddlers slipped their kayaks into the lake. They worked almost as a team, working silently, so not to break the silence of the morning. Once they were … Continue reading

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The Green Tux

Edith stood back and looked at her efforts; surely this year hers would be the best dressed moose in town. Tomorrow she and Fred would celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary, A day she happily remembers. It started with the wedding … Continue reading

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Who Is The New Barber

Out in the middle of nowhere, dozen’s of miles from any interstate, stood the small town of Midvale. The town seemed to have some strange happenings, but it didn’t seem to bother most of the residents. Main Street locally known … Continue reading

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What Time Is It?

An Apple-Watch? No! A Smart-Watch? No! The old-timer, the great-grandson of an old-time Railroad man, wouldn’t have any of those new-fangled things. He always wore his great-grandpa’s railroad pocket-watch. But when he reached for it to see how long he’d … Continue reading

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Where – no – When

The hangover was a bit worse than usual. The last thing he remembered was that he’d bought a new car and his co-workers throwing a party. He was able to stagger to the car and head home. When he finally … Continue reading

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