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The Green Tux

Edith stood back and looked at her efforts; surely this year hers would be the best dressed moose in town. Tomorrow she and Fred would celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary, A day she happily remembers. It started with the wedding … Continue reading

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The End, The Beginning

Clementine anxiously waited for the 5:40 out of the city, wondering if he would be on board. It would be the last time she would meet him here. It’d been almost three years since they first met here. After this … Continue reading

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The Photographer

Until she uploaded her day’s photos onto the computer, she never noticed the shadow in each of them. That was many years ago, after her uncle gave her a camera for her sixteenth birthday. It was her first camera. Now … Continue reading

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The Foggy Evening’s Walk

Footsteps echoed eerily in the fog. I recognized them, comforting in a way. Morning and night they were there, sometimes before me. In the evenings they might be following me, but at other times they were coming from in front. … Continue reading

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Will It Bounce?

When Mark and Pat renovated the family home, they discovered an old bicycle hidden under the porch. They hadn’t worked together recently, Pat got her degree at UC Berkeley and stayed in Silicone Valley, Mark stayed on the east coast … Continue reading

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Twas The Day Before Christmas

Sister Bernadette’s last dash to the mall before Christmas had unforeseen consequences. She’d barely gotten through the doors when she thought she’d made the biggest mistake. She should not have waited to the last-minute to shop for her brother, a … Continue reading

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How’s Ed doing?

Ed Grimley is adjusting to his life as a garden gargoyle. Ed’s been sitting there for as long as I can remember. I’m not a mystic but maybe I Can read some of his thoughts. “Being a gargoyle is just … Continue reading

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