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Shot In The Head

In a relentless quest for the perfect monochrome photo Paula Borkovic challenges us every week. This week’s challenge is BLACK & WHITE SUNDAY: HEADSHOT How do you feel about a headshot as theme for this week’s Black & White Sunday? … Continue reading

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Birds, Birds, Birds at Wilde Lake

From time to time I take my camera to Wilde Lake and wait for some god photos to happen. Earlier this week was one of the good days; Woodpeckers, Great Blue Herons, Black Crowned Night Herons, and an Osprey. Unfortunately … Continue reading

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Herons, Herons, Herons!

There is a larger variety of wildfowl here than almost anywhere else on earth!” That is a bit of an exaggeration, but sitting for a couple of hours at the head of Wilde Lake in Columbia Md. one can begin … Continue reading

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Up the Creek – Weems Creek

The day was bright and sunny. What was even better was that the weather wizards didn’t forecast any Thunderstorms! A great day to paddle without any worry. Driving to Annapolis I set the GPS to my indended launch, Jones Green … Continue reading

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Birds and Photos at a Wilde Lake

No, I didn’t spell Wilde wrong, it’s the name of a lake in my home town of Columbia, Md named after Frazier Wilde, one of the original backers of the new town back around the 1950s. As spring is approaching, … Continue reading

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