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Another Head-shot

In a relentless quest for the perfect monochrome photo Paula Borkovic challenges us every week. I’ve already answered this challenge with a photo of a Great Blue Heron, but today I found myself surrounded by Canada Geese while I had … Continue reading

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Lock Those Windows

Paula’s challenge this week came just in time. BLACK & WHITE SUNDAY: WINDOWS The theme of today’s photo challenge is WINDOWS. Show me some windows, old or new, selectively coloured , or entirely monochrome it is up to you. Wishing … Continue reading

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It’s Not Thomas The Train

This week BLACK & WHITE SUNDAY‘s challenge is AFTER AND BEFORE Y1-04 On Sundays I normally publish a photo challenge in black and white that I call Black & White Sunday. I usually come up with a fresh theme for … Continue reading

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Up and Down

This week’s challenge from Paula at BLACK & WHITE SUNDAY is STEPS AND STAIRS This is a week of easy, straightforward challenges; at least I like to think that they are. You are supposed to post a photo (or more) … Continue reading

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Under The Tracks

Nestled in Potapsco Valley State Park, a bit west of Baltimore is Lost Lake. I remember my Granddad taking me there many years ago. This tunnel under the B&O tracks was one of my favorite places to spend time while … Continue reading

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What goes up – must come down

Cee’s challenge this week is “Anything that flies…”, and with a large archive of photos taken at the Mid-Atlantic Soaring Championships this was a bit dificlut, mainly in making the choices of what to put here, I have hundreds of … Continue reading

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Who’s looking over my shoulder?

“ Yes the tree is made from wood, what more can I say? for Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Things Made From Wood

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